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What’s Your Stand On Raw Milk?

When thinking of Organic Milk, one thinks of sunny pastures, cows roaming amongst the grass, chewing grass to their heart’s content and ultimately giving healthy, clean milk.  Well…screech!  That image, to me, has come to a halt because as I’ve learned, organic milk may well be free of growth hormones and antibiotics but the process it goes through after that is in fact killing all that’s good about milk, making it dead milk!  Have you ever noticed that the expiration dates on organic milk are a lot later than regular milk?  Doesn’t it seem ironic that organic milk can last longer than regular milk?  Well, I think I’ve found the why? to this question.

Regular milk is pasteurized at a 149 F degrees or 161 F degrees, depending on the pasteurization process used.  Organic milk is Ultra-Pasteurized  at 280 F degrees pretty much killing bacteria, cultures, enzymes, vitamins and anything that’s in the milk.   This Ultra-Pasteurization is essentially producing dead milk. 

So, how do we choose what kind of milk to drink?  Do we choose milk that has hormones and antibiotics in it or do we choose milk that is essentially dead?  Well I recently discovered a type of milk that I’d never even heard of….Raw Milk.  Raw milk does not go through the pasteurization process and therefore leaves all the good bacteria, proteins, vitamins and enzymes intact.  Raw milk has been beneficial to many who have Eczema and allergies like myself.  To me, this was the determining factor in switching to raw milk.  I’ve suffered 30+ years with eczema and there is no relief in sight. If switching the milk I drink makes my episodes of eczema go away then I don’t see why I can’t try it.  Eczema ointments and medicines are known carcinogens so why not try the healthy alternative.

So on that note if you decide to make the switch yourself, remember that raw milk should be purchased from a supplier that follows good handling practices which is how sickness from drinking raw milk is prevented.  DO YOUR RESEARCH first before purchasing.  Raw milk cannot be delivered out-of-state either so finding a supplier close to you may be hard.  This link may help in your search

I’ve listed some sources down below so you can do your own research and make the decision yourself.  There is a lot of debate on milk so inform yourself well. 

Here are some sources on the organic milk and raw milk debate:


Going cold turkey…on TV

When I was pregnant with my son I would buy cool gadgets like a handheld fetal monitor and I would place headphones on my belly and play classical music. When my son was born, the trend continued into buying items that would help my son become a GENUIS! This included DVD’s like Baby Einstein and Your Baby Can Read. The problem came when I myself became dependant on the DVD’s because they allowed me some free time to do chores or to just relax. My son would be so fixated on the DVD’s and I actually thought I was helping him learn.

Well as he got older we moved on to toddler TV and became avid watchers of Sprout TV and Max’s favorite shows (or mine I should say because I thought they were educational) were Sesame Street.

My son is currently 20 months. His speech is very delayed. He’s great at everything else, coordinated very well, understands everything I tell him, will grab me by the hand to take me to what he wants, etc. His speech though, consists of grunts and alot of babbling. I’ve been working hard on playing with him one on one, reading ALOT more in the day not just at bedtime hoping that he can catch up.

During all of this I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I was responsible for his delay. Instead of helping him with the DVD’s and TV programs I’ve actually slowed down his natural ability to speak. I did a little research on the subject and behold I found articles claiming that TV before the age of 2 can delay and even cause ADHD in children.  Tears welled up and my heart became heavy. For as much as I loved my son I had inadvertently caused him harm.

I am not a person to take things lying down though. If I caused it I would fix it or at least make it better. So to help him these are some of the things I have started doing to help him…

1) Seek professional help – I located a speech therapy center and just had him tested so that we can start on speech therapy.  If a child is under the age of 3, he/she can probably be offered speech therapy services for free through their county or state.

2) No more TV – We are going cold turkey on this. Instead of playing an “educational” DVD or TV show I am going to become the educational tool.  I found that Sprout Online has alot of crafting ideas which will also help fill in the void of times when I’m like “ok, what do we do now”.

3) Read more often with picture books – Having him point out objects and having me repeat the names of items will hopefully help.

Here are links to some of the articles I found to be useful…

Crafting link…