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About Me


Thank you for visiting me 😀    I am a work from home mom that loves to take my son out and about and love to cook for him and my entire family.   I created this website so that  moms that struggle in finding toddler friendly places can have a resource of lists for really neat places that are toddler friendly.  I’ve also began a Picky Toddler Recipes segment because I know there have been times when I say to myself “Why do I make to eat for my picky toddler, he won’t eat!”

Please feel free to email me with any questions, I promise to email back with relevant information.



The Huntington Library

I wanted to share only the toddler-friendly areas of The Huntington Library that I had pictures of because the area was so huge and there were so many beautiful scenes throughout that I’d be giving away too much.  So, instead I’m sharing The Children’s Garden because if you’re on this site, I’m 90% sure you’ve got a toddler and are wondering if it’s worth coming here.  Well, it is!  Max stayed in his stroller without activating “the ants in his pants” the entire time we were there.  We took a nice long stroll throughout the grounds as we made our way to The Children’s Garden.  

The children’s garden was perfect to run around in, actually if you read the sign up above it clearly states DO NOT RUN, and Max didn’t, wink, wink.

There were numerous faucets of water flowing in a perfectly circular fashion which made them look like bubbles.


They had a cool volcano looking thing that had actual smoke spewing from the top and the kiddos could run under it…

As well as a rainbow tunnel …

The children’s area was small but believe me, Max could have stayed for hours.  He didn’t want to leave.  If it wasn’t for promises of pizza and a cold soda, I would’ve given in and stayed but I was hungry and thirsty for pizza from my favorite pizza joint.  So, mommy won and we left but he was a happy camper after having a mouthful of pizza in his mouth 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, the grounds were huge and there were a lot of cool things to marvel at and I wanted to share just one more because it was my favorite.  It was the Cloud Forest …

And once inside this is what you saw …

Oooooh, it’s as if you’re walking through the clouds.  Keep in mind that my friend walked ahead dispersing some of the “clouds” but it was really neat to see. 

This place is a definite yes, to go place.  Max and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I suggest having a good breakfast before you go inside because food and drinks are not permitted although I’d still take snacks for the little one because seriously, who wants to see the hungry monster coming out in such a beautiful place.


Through a Mother’s Eyes…


Oh to be a kid!  Seeing his beautiful smile brings such joy. 

I’m sure this is how he sees his surroundings when having the best times of his life. 

 Or maybe it’s how I see the world, I don’t focus on anything as much as I do on him.  Yup that’s it. 

So to rephrase, this is the view through a mother’s eyes…more specifically MINE!  I see only my child’s laughter

and the rest of the world is a blur.

Seen here during his Twinkling Stars gymnastics class.  Here is their link if interested, located in Rancho Cucaminga…Precision Gymnatics

2011 Movie Schedule

Schedule of toddler friendly movies for 2011



In theatres now (as of 6/11/11)



In theatres June 24th

In theatres July 15

 In theatres July 29th


In theatres November 4th



         In theatres November 18th



In theatres November 23rd



In theatres November 23rd





In theatres December 16th

If there are any toddler movies I may have missed, let me know!  Preferably for the 1.5 – 3 age group.

Paradise for the Hunter, Camper, Fisher or Gatherer

Wow is the best word to describe this place…


As soon as I walked in I was like “hmmm all I wanted was a sleeping bag” and “where am I? Did I accidently take the wrong turn into the wilderness!!!”.  Okay, okay well from this shot you can’t tell how wilderness-like this place is but keep reading, you’ll see.


I’m not sure why, but somehow I got a rush of testosterone and I refused to ask anyone working there where the camping section was.  Instead, I opted to walk through the entire store and find it myself.  Boy, am I glad I did. 


This place was awesome.  I always like to begin my excursions from the end to finish because when my son starts getting cranky I am as close to the exit as possible.  So, I made my way to the elevator to start on the second floor of the store (or mall, or shopping center, or whatever you call this humongous place).  The fish aquarium was the first cool thing I came across.


In this aquarium I found an aspiring model.  He/she saw me whip out the camera and he/she came finning to towards me like a moth to a light.  See, here he/she is giving me the sultry, freshwater look.

Once I sufficed the fish’s need to show off it’s good looks, we went on our way and entered the elevator.  To my surprise the aquarium was visible from inside the elevator too!  And I think The Next Top Model wanna-be followed us.  I think that’s him, the one closest to the glass. 

Once the elevator reached the top, the view was different but still spectacular.


You could see scenes like these throughout the store and it made it convenient for me to point out the animals and call then by their names to teach Max what they were called without having the animals run away before he got a good look at them.  I think this was a run on sentence…my english teacher would be dissappointed, tsk tsk.  Well try to ignore it and enjoy the picture 🙂


I finally found the camping section and I never imagined they sold tents for your pet!  Ha ha just kidding, they had little replicas of the actual tents they sold.  Aren’t they so cute!


After walking past the tents because the price was as much as a down payment for um, um, I don’t know, something expensive, we came across this carnival-like shooting range where the animals would pop out and you had to shoot them to get points.  Luckily, Max isn’t old enough and it didn’t really interest him so we moved along.

  Then we came upon another game, this one was a laser gun.  I would’ve attempted it myself except I knew Max’s patience was going to wear thin if I was only one entertained.


We kept walking and when I looked over the rail to take a peek, I saw this!  The ponds with real fish I had heard about.  I was a little disappointed, I thought they’d be bigger but all the other “attractions” made up for it.


 This is really a great store to shop at for your outdoor activities needs.  Warning: you’ll come out with things you purchased that you didn’t really need but thought hey we can use this on our next trip! 


They have locations throughout the U.S. so check them out online

They’ve got summer activities lined up for the kids every summer and some are free!



Fill in the Blanks Friday

So happy to have found the little things we do blog.  She has this cute little Fill in the Blank questionnare and I’m happy to fill it out.  Reminds me of Mad Lips somehow.


1. This weekend I’m       going with the flow because we don’t have any set plans   and      I’m hoping to sleep in (zzzzzzzz)   .

2.  My last vacation was    a family trip to San Felipe, Mexico.  Man was it hot!


3.  My next vacation will be     a weekend of camping at Kern River.  First time camping for Max.  Last time he went camping with us he was still growing in my belly.


4.  My favorite way to relax is   by surfing the internet.  I’m addicted and that’s how I started blogging .

 5.  When vacationing one should always     sleep in.  I must be tired because I keep thinking of sleep.

6.  When vacationing one should never       forget the sunblock.  You always end up outdoors somehow even if that wasn’t your plan   .


7.  The best part about a vacation is      the feeling of being far away from everything.  When you come back, you re-appreciate (I hope that’s an actual word) your life. 



If you want to join in on the fun, head on over to her website .

L.A. County Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Look at that face!  Isn’t he the cutest.  Here we are having lunch at the Peacock Cafe located inside of the park before we headed out to take a stroll around the park.

Once on our way, this is one of the first things we came across.  What a beautiful tree!  I’d never seen a tree this color, I was in awe.

I don’t think Max was too impressed though.  He found something more entertaining…

We walked and walked and walked.  I marveled at the beauty of the park.  So much nature , it was hard to believe it was in the city.  max on the other hand just kept walking and walking or I should say, pushing and pushing the stroller.  Until we got to a pond with DUCKS!  I’m amazed by the things that Max is entranced by.  He stood at this bench looking onward and just stared at the ducks that were swimming and quacking and flapping and swimming and just doing duck things.

After I was able to pry him away from the ducks we came upon a hill.  On that hill was a beautiful peacock.  Max saw that peacock and ran towards it probably thinking he was going to grab it and squeeze it and love it….  I took the picture of him running towards the peacock but then I realized what was about to happen and I ran faster than lighting to grab Max before the peacock became defensive.

All in all I think Max had a great time.  It was alot of walking and there weren’t any activities to entertain a toddler but he was entertained by the birds that roamed free throughout the park.  The walking also helped get him tired and he had a nice long nap on the way home.

L.A. County Arboretum & Botanical Gardens