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Fun in the Sun

One of the best things California has to offer is the beach.  It’s free and the kids have so much fun.  They can jump in the water and splash around or stay on dry ground and play on the sand.


The weather is so beautiful out here.  This visit was to Newport Beach.  We arrived mid-morning and lasted until it was Max’s naptime.  The time there was enough for him to enjoy both the water and play in the sand.  I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Max in the water though because I was too paranoid that he’d fall into the water and get caught in the waves. But I had gone with a friend and she captured this hilarious picture of me running from the water while holding Max, hahahaha…

He loved the sand.  He sat here for most of the time watching how the sand ran off of the shovel and into the bucket.  I think these are the moments I love the most, when he slows down and I get a chance to just stare at him and marvel at what a blessing he is.  I try not to take any moment for granted because I know I won’t get it back.

And then once the sand playing was done with, he was off to seek something new…

So if you’re close to the beach, don’t hesitate to take a little trip.  It’s free!   Do you have a favorite beach you visit often?  If so, which one?  I may take a trip to visit it!