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Paradise for the Hunter, Camper, Fisher or Gatherer

Wow is the best word to describe this place…


As soon as I walked in I was like “hmmm all I wanted was a sleeping bag” and “where am I? Did I accidently take the wrong turn into the wilderness!!!”.  Okay, okay well from this shot you can’t tell how wilderness-like this place is but keep reading, you’ll see.


I’m not sure why, but somehow I got a rush of testosterone and I refused to ask anyone working there where the camping section was.  Instead, I opted to walk through the entire store and find it myself.  Boy, am I glad I did. 


This place was awesome.  I always like to begin my excursions from the end to finish because when my son starts getting cranky I am as close to the exit as possible.  So, I made my way to the elevator to start on the second floor of the store (or mall, or shopping center, or whatever you call this humongous place).  The fish aquarium was the first cool thing I came across.


In this aquarium I found an aspiring model.  He/she saw me whip out the camera and he/she came finning to towards me like a moth to a light.  See, here he/she is giving me the sultry, freshwater look.

Once I sufficed the fish’s need to show off it’s good looks, we went on our way and entered the elevator.  To my surprise the aquarium was visible from inside the elevator too!  And I think The Next Top Model wanna-be followed us.  I think that’s him, the one closest to the glass. 

Once the elevator reached the top, the view was different but still spectacular.


You could see scenes like these throughout the store and it made it convenient for me to point out the animals and call then by their names to teach Max what they were called without having the animals run away before he got a good look at them.  I think this was a run on sentence…my english teacher would be dissappointed, tsk tsk.  Well try to ignore it and enjoy the picture 🙂


I finally found the camping section and I never imagined they sold tents for your pet!  Ha ha just kidding, they had little replicas of the actual tents they sold.  Aren’t they so cute!


After walking past the tents because the price was as much as a down payment for um, um, I don’t know, something expensive, we came across this carnival-like shooting range where the animals would pop out and you had to shoot them to get points.  Luckily, Max isn’t old enough and it didn’t really interest him so we moved along.

  Then we came upon another game, this one was a laser gun.  I would’ve attempted it myself except I knew Max’s patience was going to wear thin if I was only one entertained.


We kept walking and when I looked over the rail to take a peek, I saw this!  The ponds with real fish I had heard about.  I was a little disappointed, I thought they’d be bigger but all the other “attractions” made up for it.


 This is really a great store to shop at for your outdoor activities needs.  Warning: you’ll come out with things you purchased that you didn’t really need but thought hey we can use this on our next trip! 


They have locations throughout the U.S. so check them out online

They’ve got summer activities lined up for the kids every summer and some are free!