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5 Toddler Friendly Rides at Disneyland



Disneyland through the eyes of a child is a wonderland.  Disneyland through the eyes of a parent is drink an energy drink, stay hydrated, breath in, breath out…and hope the day goes smoothly.  For me in particular the stress of going to Disneyland comes from 1) I will be taking my toddler by myself because my husband works 6 days a week and long hours and 2) my son is reaching the “terrible two’s”.  On my first visit I searched online, trying to find a roadmap of the best rides my toddler son would love but I had no luck.  I had to make that journey of trial and error on my own.  Here I am providing my list of rides my son enjoyed so that someone else, maybe you, can have the list I was looking for to help me in my adventure through “The Happiest Place on Earth”.


Reasons for choosing these rides were: Slow moving, relaxing, enjoyable for both you and the little one.  My son was 20 months old when I took him on these rides and he was very calm throughout most of the day.


1) It’s a Small World  – This ride was the perfect starter ride.  It helped my son ease into a long day of rides by casually floating on a boat and riding into a magical world of song, dance and beautiful arts.  The next best thing about the ride is that its located at the rear of the park so you can map your way towards the exit as the day goes on and seeing the exit in sight when your legs feel like lead is glorious.



2) Mickey’s Toon Town – Next stop is Mickey’s Toon Town.  Here the area is very comical, with life size toon-like houses and a variety of slow, not jerky rides for the smaller kids or for scary cat adults like myself.  There is also a small playground for the little tikes to run around in, that includes a small slide, immobile pumpkin and log the kiddies can jump on or crawl into.  Best part is you can relax on a bench while keeping your eye on them.



3) Casey Jr. Circus Train – This miniature train ride is located in Fantasyland.  You can choose to sit in either a an open car or inside a cage.


4) King Arthur’s Carousel –  The carousel is located in the smack middle of the park.  Very easy to go and gentle enough for the little one.


5) Mark Twain Riverboat – Located in Frontier Land.  They currently have two boats to choose from.  There’s the original Mark Twain river boat or a Pirate ship.  They both sail down the “Rivers of America”.



I hope you enjoy the list and take it along with you because your day will be much more memorable if you and your toddler enjoy these mellow rides that Disneyland has to offer.

What rides did your toddler just LOVE when you visited Disneyland?  Comment below and I’ll be sure to use them on a next blog.  Please include toddlers age and the Disneyland location you visited.