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My Giggle Place

This indoor playground was so much fun.  It is very nicely setup.  When I first arrived I was expecting the normal rooms full of huge bouncers but to my surprise it was setup with actual playgrounds like the ones you’d find at the park except they’re indoors and have so much more cool stuff!

These are some of the rooms… 

Some of the other cool stuff they had was an open room with different balls like a dodge ball, basketball and soccerball.  My son followed the soccer ball wherever it bounced…inside the net, outside the net, outside the room, in the hands of another kid.  He was glued. 

Another cool little stop was the infant & toddler nook.  Age appropriate toys were nestled inside a surrounding wall of soft seats that parents could sit on while their little ones played.

He then stumbled upon a little kitchen area where he proceeded to “wash” the dishes.  Sigh.  Wishful thinking.

But all of the other rooms, toys and pretend areas were quickly forgotten until he found this gem…

Oh man, I could not get the boy out of here.  Whether there were other kids in here or not it didn’t matter.  He was in a heaven of colorful balls where he could summerge himself, make ball angels or just fling them at me (with me on the outside of the net of course).  He was in here for what seemed like hours.  So until our next adventure, toodles!  It doesn’t seem like we’re going anywhere for a while….

My Giggle Place in Fullerton, CA.  Here is their website if you’d like to visit