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Splash Pad Fun – Victoria Gardens

This splash pad is located within one of the courtyards at the Victoria Gardens Shopping Center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


It is 0′ deep so it’s a great alternative for getting wet in the summer without the scary, heart stopping moments you sometimes get at a swimming pool.

The kiddos can run around, jump on, over and under the water shooting out from under the pad.

It’s perfect for all ages.  Mom’s can relax in the grassy knoll or on one of the few benches scattered around the pad.


Splash Pad Fun – Montclair

If you live in an area where hot weather is imminent then these Splash Pad areas are awesome.   I took my son for the very first time but he was a bit scared.  I’m not sure why he was hesistant to just frolic in the water.  Perhaps it was the cold water, his fear of having water splashed on his face, or just the fact that he’s never seen such a place.  I certainly enjoyed my time though.  I loved seeing the expression of joy on the other children’s faces.  The Splash Pad is perfect for all ages.  I’m sure I could’ve jumped through a few of those sprinkles but knowing that I’d have parents looking at me like I was delusional kept me at bay.

Location: Montclair Splash Pad, Alma Hofman Park (Shark Park), 5201 Benito St., Montclair, CA